Brought to life by the same group responsible for Beardcat’s Sweet Shop, The Obstinate Daughter is the newest part of the progressive food movement and cultural renaissance of Charleston, SC.

The Obstinate Daughter is a Southern restaurant that is influenced by French, Italian and Spanish cuisine. Pizza, pasta, small plates and a raw bar are the focus of the menu. The restaurant boasts modern, nautical details in a beautifully renovated space.

We created an entirely custom website that is in-sync with the look and feel of the restaurant and pays homage to the rich historical background entwined with the restaurant’s story, which goes like this:

The name, The Obstinate Daughter, is an homage to the rich Revolutionary War history of Sullivan’s Island, SC. On June 28, 1776, under the command of Colonel William Moultrie, the defenders of Fort Sullivan foiled the British fleet’s attempt to capture the city of Charleston in the Battle of Sullivan’s Island. This first American Patriots victory inspired a London political cartoon of the defiant defenders of Charleston:  “Miss Carolina Sulivan, one of the obstinate daughters of America, 1776”.  To us, The Obstinate Daughter is a beautiful reminder that the stubborn refusal to change one’s course of action can change the course of history.

Again, the design is enhanced by beautiful photographs by Andrew Cebulka and sharp branding by Gil Shuler. The site is built on a the same Wordpress platform and Beardcat’s Sweet Shop, with intuitive, built-in content management controls that staff can easily use to update the website and, like Beartcats, it is responsive, lightweight, and optimized for all browsing devices.

Over the past year we have developed a great working relationship with this group. We look forward to watching as they evolve, progress, and rack up many well-deserved accolades.


The Obstinate Daughter Design & Development


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