I woke up one morning last year and on my way to the office I was surprised to find a message on my phone from Pauly Shore.  That’s right, The Weez!  I used to come home from school and watch “Totally Pauly” on MTV religiously because I had never seen, or heard, anything like him.  And he was HILARIOUS!  Totally right up my alley.

So imagine my confusion when I heard that message.  I was like: “There is no way that is Pauly Shore.”  I called the number back and, sure enough, it was him.  He found ScenicFigure through another genius comic friend of mine named Greg Behrendt.  A couple years before, we built the website for Greg’s hilarious podcast called “Walking The Room“.  It featured Greg and his good friend, and fellow comedian, Dave Anthony.  We helped them get their podcast up and running and, as it turns out, Pauly liked that podcast and found us through them.

He didn’t have a large budget to dedicate to a website and podcast to go with it, but the idea for the podcast was compelling and it was Pauly, so we decided we could make it work using Squarespace.  Pauly already had his production team for the podcast and, in fact, had a couple episodes in the can.  He needed help promoting it online, putting it on a distribution platform, and getting it on iTunes.

We set him up on Libsyn as the delivery network and got the first podcast: “Pauly Shore’s Interested” featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section in iTunes the day it launched.  This helped make the podcast a quick success and at the end of the year he decided to change the format of the show slightly.  With the change of format came a new podcast called “The Pauly Shore Podcast Show” .  Producing a podcast that is released at the same time, on the same day every week takes a lot of coordination.  To help them with efficiency, we built them a number of templates that made it super-easy for Pauly’s team to release the episodes on a schedule.

If you have not listened to these podcasts, I urge you to.  Pauly Shore grew up in comedy and thanks to the success of “Totally Pauly” in the 90’s he knows EVERYONE!  This makes for some very “interesting” podcast interviews.


Pauly Shore Website Screenshot


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