Matt Braunger is new friend of ours and he is quickly becoming one of our favorite comics.  He is an accomplished actor, writer, and stand-up comedian and we were very excited to work with him on not only a new website, but also a new online strategy.

When Matt came to us he already had a great web presence.  He had put a lot of time into building an audience on a number of different platforms.  His challenge was to take all of those platforms he had already built, which included a Tumblr page, an Instagram account, and his Twitter account, and put them all in one place for people to enjoy, while allowing him to also promote his live performances.  In addition, he had a few comedy specials that he wanted to make available online, the latest of which was made by Netflix and is called “Matt Braunger, Big Dumb Animal”.  It is currently available to stream on Netflix and the audio version can be purchased through his site as well as on  It is super-funny.

It was a real pleasure working with Matt, coming up with the strategy, and designing and building this site.  We kept the design casual, with some hand-drawn text in order to reflect Matt’s quirky charm.  It is rare you get a chance to meet someone before they become super famous.  Matt is so funny that that day is around the corner and we look forward to working with him as it happens!  Make sure you visit his website and watch his new comedy special.  You will be happy you did.


Matt Braunger Home Page


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