We are making a push to grow our logos-branding business.  Since Scenic Figure’s inception in 1997, the bulk of our business has been website design and development. Saying you are a website design and development studio is a great way to get pigeonholed into only that kind of work.  We avoid limiting the scope of our creative capabilities at all costs.  While highly skilled in user experience and interactive design, we thrive on opportunities to break out of the realm of the screen to create thoughtful designs intended for other mediums. There is something so liberating about designing something that will simply be printed on paper.  You will never get a call from a client saying: “My business card just stopped working!”

Our background started in illustration and eventually evolved into design.  Creating a logo or, better yet, a branding package for our clients allows us to not only go back to our roots and flex our illustration muscles, but it also allows us to fuse it with our design skills to come up with logos-branding that satisfy us creatively, and satisfy our clients.

This area is sometimes a big challenge because a logo, in particular, for a business is such a precious thing to the business owner.  They often want it to say EVERYTHING about what their company is about.  We understand that and work hard with our clients up front to determine from them what kind of look and feel they want for their business and what their business is all about so we can incorporate both into a succinct and beautiful logo that satisfies the client because it tells their story about their business.

ScenicFigure’s Logo And Branding department is officially open for biz and is excited to help bring your vision to life.  You can see some of our logos in action here: Walking The Room, TVRecordings, Kevin Gillespie, & Widespread Panic.  Do you need logo and branding work?  Click here to get in touch with us and get a free estimate for your new project.

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“An Atlanta Based Creative Firm Is Under New Ownership Effective Immediately”


Scenic Figure, a design agency based in Atlanta, GA is under new ownership after the passing of owner and founder, Damien Schaefer. Damien Schaefer, a Tucker, GA native was known for his strong vibrancy in the creative sector. Schaefer had over 19 years of experience in design, branding, and marketing. With his breadth of knowledge, […]