Kevin Gillespie is a tremendously talented chef in Atlanta who’s career is growing rapidly. He appeared on Top Chef Season 6 and is now the owner of two amazing Atlanta dining destinations: Gunshow and Revival.  Before opening these restaurants, he approached us to develop a personal brand that expressed both his individuality and his cooking style. Strongly influenced by Americana, old fashioned kitchen tools, poster art, and tattoos, he wanted his brand to convey this along with a sense of masculinity and timelessness. We developed this package for him that encompasses all of these characteristics.

Again, for this project, we collaborated with old friend, and incredible designer, Chris Bilheimer.  We established the classic, vintage look for both the cards and the letterhead and then carried that over to his website.  Kevin was very excited about the final product.  A happy customer is our primary goal but we decided to take it a touch further.  In order to add a touch of nostalgia, and push it over the top, we had our friends at Henry & Co. in Atlanta print the cards and letterhead on their letterpress.  The result is a modern identity that pays homage to classic logo design and has that tangible letterpress quality that makes a very strong impression when the card is in your hand.

Gunshow Restaurant Branding Package


“An Atlanta Based Creative Firm Is Under New Ownership Effective Immediately”


Scenic Figure, a design agency based in Atlanta, GA is under new ownership after the passing of owner and founder, Damien Schaefer. Damien Schaefer, a Tucker, GA native was known for his strong vibrancy in the creative sector. Schaefer had over 19 years of experience in design, branding, and marketing. With his breadth of knowledge, […]


Logos-Branding- Dr D's

We are making a push to grow our logos-branding business.  Since Scenic Figure’s inception in 1997, the bulk of our business has been website design and development. Saying you are a website design and development studio is a great way to get pigeonholed into only that kind of work.  We avoid limiting the scope of our creative […]