There are four Frankie’s Fun Parks located across North and South Carolina: Greenville, Raleigh, Charleston, and Columbia.  These are owned by our friend Doug Godley, who also owns Wild Olive, The Obstinate Daughter, and Beardcat’s Sweet Shop.

Shortly after building the website for Wild Olive, we were asked to help out with the Frankie’s Fun Parks websites.  They were getting a little old, were not search engine friendly or responsive, and did not have an easy way for members of the Frankie’s corporate team to update the website.  Instead, if changes were needed, they would submit a work order to a third party web company and they would make the update when they got around to it.

This was not an efficient way for the Frankie’s Fun Parks team to get important marketing information to their customers.  They approached us for a solution to this challenge.

We decided the best solution to this would be a website built on the WordPress platform, which used the “Muti-Site” functionality that WordPress offers.  This allowed us to design and build a custom “Frankie’s Fun Parks” theme that could be used across four WordPress websites.  One for each location: Raleigh, NC, Columbia, SC, Charleston, SC, & Greenville, SC

With the help of the super-talented Andrew Cebulka’s photography, we used photographs of each location to give the website visitor a clear understanding of what each park looked like, as well as the rides, food, and games that each location offered.  All of this was wrapped into a simple-to-use WordPress administration interface for each of the four locations that any member of the Frankie’s Fun Parks staff could use to easily update any of the four websites.  Since we launched the website for them, their frustrations with updating the website and keeping their customers abreast of happenings at all four locations are a thing of the past!


Frankie's Fun Parks Design & Development


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